What to Wear With Your Chinese Slippers

These chinese slippers are a controversial wardrobe item or better still, a shoe rack item? To identify one, they have covered slippers made up of a mesh or cloth material and decorated with many designs. The soles are usually thin but can be thick and they hardly have any heels.

We say they are controversial because they’re not the popular slip-on slippers we wear in all cultures. Being from eastern society, functions to wear a pair of Chinese slippers in the western world may not pop up out of the blue but that does not mean that cannot be incorporated into any wardrobe.

We chose to outline clothing you can pair with Chinese slippers because it is rather easier to style an outfit than to decide for the wearer where to wear them. The idea is that once you can picture the look, your mind tells you where you are comfortable wearing them. So if you are ready to dive into the matter, here are several ways to style your Chinese clippers with everyday outfits.

Loose Pants

This came in first because we cannot get over the look of Chinese slippers with loose pants. They can be any color from plain to even patterned. Loose pants may not be the most popular cloth item to match the slippers with but they make a statement. If you wear loose pants regularly to places like picking up your child from school, going to class, or when you dress up to get coffee, style them with a pair of Chinese slippers to change your look.

A Flare dress or Skirt

Maxi or mini flare dresses are the items to match with a pair of Chinese slippers. They are even more culturally worn with them than loose pants are. We like this style because it sums up western femininity with stylish Chinese beauty. The two items were made for each other. If you wear dresses on walks or to moderately formal functions, touch them with a lovely pair of Chinese slippers.


In a season where everything is now being worn with socks, if you are a trendsetter, this is your cue. Chinese slippers have already been worn with stockings but not necessarily everywhere. So go ahead and start the trend. You can wear any colors you are comfortable with. The good thing is that Chinese slippers come in many different hues. Their colorful designs also make it possible to pair them with various colors of socks.

Jeans Trousers

If you are talking about comfort and casual wear jeans have to be mentioned. The good thing is that Chinese slippers can also be paired with a nice pair of jeans. Black, blue; skinny, baggy; ripped, designed, or plain. Any type of jeans or trousers is a perfect fit for Chinese slippers. Good thing everyone has at least one of those.


One thing about combining two cultural attire is that you get a whole new look that starts a trend. If you have had doubts about Chinese slippers, I hope this has been able to clear them. Though they are brightly colored with decorations and may not be ideal for footwear, go bold! Then match them with any item on this list in black, white or maybe neutral tints.



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