Signs That Show Engine Oil Pan Has Broken

The oil pan is an important component of the engine that lubricate the system. The oil pan is attached at the bottom of the engine. It supplies oil to the engine so that the part can stay lubricated and can reduce friction also. It ensures that the engine runs smoothly because without lubrication it can be damaged.

If the oil pan of the engine is damaged or there is leakage it will lose the oil quickly. When the Engine runs out of oil that provides lubrication, the engine will be damaged badly It is used for lubrication of engines part and it saves the engine from damage or overheating which causes many severe problems for the engine. You can view details regarding it here:

What is Engine Oil Pan?

The oil pan consists of some parts. The first one is a gasket that acts as a seal between the pan and the engine. Its function is to prevent the oil from leakage. The second part is the oil drain cap. It is used when u want to remove the old oil and want to replace it with new oil. The third part is oil pick up.

Its purpose is to make a connection to the oil pump, that will let the oil circulate the engine and lubricate the parts of the engine.

Symptoms Of Engine Oil Pan Leakage

When oil will drip from the engine oil pan to the ground it means that the engine oil pan is damaged. If you want to confirm the leakage, park the vehicle for a time and if you notice black or light brown liquid beneath it, it means the engine oil pan is damaged. Following are the symptoms of engine oil pan leakage

Smoke Coming Out of the Engine

If the smoke is coming out of the engine it means that the engine oil pan is broken. When oil is dripping in the exhaust, smoke will blow from the engine, it is a symbol of oil pan leakage.

Warning Lights On

The oil light that is used as a warning of leakage of engine oil, indicates the level of engine oil, if it’s normal it will notify you which means there is no leakage.

Overheating Of Engine

The oil is important for the engine to maintain the temperature. If the parts of the engine are lubricated it will run smoothly, without lubrication the engine will produce a lot of heat that will overheat the engine.

Burning Oil Scent

If oil is leaking from the engine oil pan and dripping on hot metal parts you will smell burning oil, that is a symbol of oil leakage.

How Does Oil Pan Get Cracked?

The engine oil pan doesn’t get damaged easily, as it is very strong. It can be damaged only in an accident, or if you are not taking proper care of it like over road debris, oil drain stopper failure, worn out gasket, etc.

Damage from Impact

The engine oil pan can be broken when it sustains damage from an accident or road debris. If the engine oil pan is made of aluminium instead of steel then the engine oil pan will be affected severely which will result in a hole or crack in the engine oil pan.

Contaminated Contact Surface

The oil, dirt, and other particles that are deposited on the surface of the engine block the engine that results in leakage of the engine oil pan. If you are using loose bolts will also change the place of the oil pan which will result in the leakage of the oil.


The engine oil pan plays an important role in the functioning of the engine as it lubricates all the parts of the engine so they can run smoothly, if the engine oil pan is leaking it will show some symptoms, so it is better to repair the engine oil pan than spending a large amount on the repair and maintenance of the engine.



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