6 Ways To Make Your Own Custom Ski Mask

Ever wanted to make your own ski mask? I know the feeling especially when it’s cold and snowy out. There is just something about a good ski mask that makes it so much better. Well, now you can make your own custom ski mask right at home. In this blog post I will demonstrate 6 different ways on how you can make your own custom ski mask.

Create an outline for your design that you want on the ski mask

Once you know the dimensions of your ski mask, create an outline for the design that you want on it. The outline should be large enough to fit around your head without being too tight or too loose, and it should also be comfortable for wearing.

Buy a plain ski mask from any fabric store, or use one that you already have

You could also use a pair of swimming goggles to create your own custom ski mask. If the material is stiff enough, it will hold its shape when stretched over your face and provide adequate coverage for skiing or snowboarding in cold weather.

The best way to ensure that your new piece looks good is by choosing one that fits comfortably without being too tight or too loose on your head (it should not be so loose that it slips down).

Trace and cut out your design

Now you’re ready to trace and cut out your design. You’ll need a pencil for this step, but if you have access to an electric knife (or even a pair of scissors), that’s even better!

To start, trace around your design onto thick paper or cardboard so that it’s large enough for you to see clearly while working with it in real life, take another sheet of paper and cut out the shape using a cutter. It also helps if this piece is clean because otherwise there will be mistakes.

Hand stitch the pieces together– Use a black thread to blend in with the colour of the ski mask, or a colour of thread to match the fabric that you are sewing onto it

Hand stitching is a great way to make your own ski mask. It’s fast, easy and fun! You can use a black thread to blend in with the colour of the ski mask, or a colour of thread to match the fabric that you are sewing onto it. Hand stitching is not as strong as machine stitching, so use it for decorative stitches.

You can also try embroidery if you want something more elaborate than just hand-stitching up some words on your mask

Sew the pieces into place on the ski mask

Sew the pieces together. You can hand stitch them, or use a sewing machine to do it.

Embellish your ski mask with paint, glitter or sequins

Paint is a great option for adding colour and detail to a ski mask. To paint your own ski mask, you’ll need some acrylic paint in different colours. Acrylic paints can be found at any craft store or online, but make sure to use a paintbrush that you don’t mind getting ruined!


There are many benefits of having a custom ski mask made to order. These include the ability to have whatever design you want, choosing the right materials, and being able to have enough space in which to fit your entire face. This customization also ensures that you get a great fitting mask as well.



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